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COLUMBIA, Md. — May 8, 2020 — LTN® Global, whose innovative modular offerings support the full media life cycle, today announced that the University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center (UH CMC) is using LTN equipment and infrastructure for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint transport of flawless ...

COLUMBIA, Md. — May 8, 2020 — LTN® Global, whose innovative modular offerings support the full media life cycle, today announced that the University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center (UH CMC) is using LTN equipment and infrastructure for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint transport of flawless live video to other medical facilities, media outlets, and medical conferences and events. The hospital recently used the LTN solution to send live procedure video from a remote location in Ohio to a medical conference in Florida, and also to transport live OR video for airing on the popular TV program "The Doctors."

"As a health care leader in numerous specialties, we often provide live physician education to specialists worldwide," said Kim Fatica, senior media technology strategist at UH CMC. "By sharing high-quality video of meetings and live medical procedures, medical professionals here at UH CMC can more effectively disseminate health and wellness information via the media and collaborate with colleagues worldwide to help develop new medical solutions."

"The flexibility of the LTN LEAF Flypack allows us to produce flawless HD transmissions from various ORs on a very large campus. With current limits on travel to medical conferences and meetings, this capability is proving more valuable than ever," added Fatica. "We've used several transmission methods in the past, but none have given us the combination of flexibility and quality LTN was able to provide."

UH CMC first used an LTN LEAF Flypack™ to transport live video of a knee replacement surgery over the LTN Global network from the hospital room in Cleveland, Ohio, to Paramount Pictures in Los Angeles for "The Doctors," a leading health and wellness TV program that features real-life video footage of medical procedures performed in ORs around the world. Housed in a compact, carry-on-sized package and engineered to make delivery of professional-grade broadcasts both easy and convenient, the LTN LEAF Flypack offers the power of a satellite truck at a fraction of the cost while reliably maintaining broadcast quality, low latency, and worldwide reach.

"The reliability and performance of LTN's video-over-IP services enabled our studios to connect directly with UH CMC to witness a live knee replacement surgery with flawless quality — as if we were there in the OR," said Tom Baird, director of engineering for CBS Domestic Television. "Knowing that we can trust LTN to ensure exceptional service, we've been able to focus more of our attention on delivering impactful stories to millions of viewers."

In a follow-up broadcast, the hospital used an installed LTN LEAF™ appliance to connect to the LTN Network for transport of a live video stream of an open-heart surgery to a medical conference in Florida. The broadcast feed was streamed over the LTN network and transcoded from an MPEG-TS to RTMP to be shown in a very high-quality and low-latency stream.

Built on LTN's patented technology, the LTN Network takes advantage of the power and flexibility of IP-based transport without sacrificing convenience, quality, or reliability. The company's fully managed, IP-based media delivery service offers 99.999% transport reliability, ultra-low latency, and 24/7/365 monitoring with the backing of an in-house network operations center (NOC). LTN's network has thousands of directly connected sites and is trusted around the world by major broadcasters, affiliates, and studios for full-time, occasional-use, contribution, and distribution over linear and digital networks. For live event broadcasts, including those without access to fiber and satellite services, IP-based media delivery supports agile and efficient production-to-transmission workflows and enables global reach.

"UH CMC is leveraging the LTN network to promote knowledge transfer between medical professionals using live video as an instructional tool, and also to extend the utility of that content through new and innovative adaptations, such as linear and OTT consumer content distribution," said Mary Crebassa, vice president of major accounts at LTN Global. "We look forward to supporting the hospital as it continues to advance education and innovation around health care."

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LTN® Global's leading media technologies empower content producers and distributors to create, acquire, transform, deliver, and monetize content at scale. Built on the world's fastest and most reliable IP multicast video network, the company's digital media ecosystem supports uniquely unified, optimized, and automated end-to-end workflows that bring customers greater efficiency, agility, and creativity in delivering more content to more viewers. No matter where customers enter this ecosystem, modular solutions and services from LTN add value and streamline each stage in the digital and linear video chains, from any source to every screen. Powered by LTN, customers can deliver the most relevant content and ultimate user experiences on any viewing device and platform, anywhere. More information is available at

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