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Would you like to see your sales associates have their best year ever? The WVBA does and that’s why we are bringing in Revenue Development Resources to present sessions at our upcoming training events. Take a look at the sessions being offered and register today to take part.

NO MORE “STATIONSPEAK”: Broadcast award winner Alan Alda believes jargon prevents true communication from happening, and is there any industry that throws jargon around more than we do? This session points out commonly used terms we spout off without even thinking, and how those terms can make our clients’ eyes cross! We’ll show you how to replace “Stationspeak” with “Clientspeak.”

PROSPECTING: “BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR...”: New sources of revenue! But where? Sure, there are shiny new sources. But there is also new money in old sources! This session will give you a map to find both.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: “THEY LIKE ME! THEY LIKE ME! UH, DON’T THEY?” : Landing a second sale can be harder than landing the first because we are judged heavily on the service we provide. We’ll show you what you can do to deliver Infinity+Service and get your clients bragging about you to other potenial clients!

These sessions will help your new reps learn how to do their job better, and have more fun doing it. They will help your veterans “remember” strategies and tactics they may have forgotten or put on the shelf, back when clients looked at them and said, “Without doubt, the best media salesperson I’ve ever worked with.” But as a manager, should you attend with them? Absolutely! Managers who attend training with their teams demonstrate their belief in the value of training and the value of their team. In addittion, you’ll pick up first‐hand the strategies I’ll be sharing with your team so that you can reinforce them back at the station.

BONUS SESSION: After our sales session, we’ll do a special session for ANYONE on your team who has others reporting to them (or is being groomed to have others reporting to them.)

MANAGEMENT vs. LEADERSHIP: THE DIFFERENCES, AND HOW TO BE GOOD AT BOTH Though we use the two words interchangeably, they are not the same. We’ll address the differences, why we must be good at both, and cover behavior that drives your team to excel, and behavior that drives them right over the edge! DUTCH TREAT LUNCH ADDITIONAL $15.

Saturday, April 4, 2020eib2020 brochure
Marriott Waterfront Place, Morgantown, WV

Download this file (2020 WVBA Awards Brochure .pdf)2020 WVBA Awards Brochure .pdf[ ]175 kB

About WVBA

The West Virginia Broadcasters Association has been representing and serving West Virginia commercial radio and television stations since 1946. We are a member-driven trade association that provides unequaled service and value to stations throughout the state. 

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